Night In The Sahara Desert Of Morocco

A Complete Guide To the Night in Merzouga Desert

Enjoy Real Glamping Nights In Morocco's Sahara Desert Camping

A Night in the Sahara Desert Camping must be included in your bucket list when traveling to Morocco. This travel experience can transform your life into more productivity and ease your mind from stress and worry. You can feel the slowness of time once you get here and start exploring the hidden gems of the Sahara desert. Live your Sahara desert dream!

Getting to The Sahara Desert

By tourist transport

Hiring a travel company when planning your desert tour in Morocco can ease your travel and save you time. Most travel agents offer a wide range of Morocco desert tours from various cities of Morocco such as Marrakech, Fes, and Ouarzazate. Check out our Marrakech desert tours and Fes desert tours.

By public transport

There are several public buses and Grand Taxis that can take you from different cities to the Sahara desert. but you may miss the arrival on time for sunset due to many stops along the road to drop off travelers. A private Taxi can work much better if you intend to spend only one night in Merzouga & Erg Chebbi dunes. We would highly recommend taking a private tour arranged by a tour company.

By Air Plane or Jet

The nearest Airports to the Sahara desert ( Erg Chebbi dunes and Merzouga specifically ) are Errachidia (Moulay Ali Cherif Airport – ERH), Ouarzazate ( OZZ ), and Zagora. Fly to one of the previous cities and let us arrange your transfers. You can find online cheap flights from Casablanca, Marrakech, Fes, Agadir, or Tanger that are operated by Air Arabia and Royal Air Maroc.

Sunset Camel Ride Over the golden dunes

Traditional Dress Will make you like a local, not A tourist!

To start your camel ride around sunset time and to live it as nomads do, the optional local dress ( Turban and robe come with several colors to choose from) will make you feel it for real. Try to stop and shop for it along the way to the Sahara desert as once you arrive at your camel’s park, chances you won’t find them. Your camel guide will help you tie your head scarf.

Riding your camel is made easy with the camel man!

The Camel Man/Guide or the man leading the camels will help you on riding your dromedary so you can enjoy the trek. Some of the camels are already with names but you can name them again as they are beautiful and patient creatures.

Overnight in the Sahara desert Camp

Welcoming fresh Mint tea with Moroccan cookies on arrival

Our professional and friendly staff will welcome you warmly to our desert camp. Sip your cup of tea while enjoying the views surrounding the camp. Then, you will be shown your luxury tent!

Luxury tent - Shower time - Get ready for dinner

Check-in into your luxury tent and take a hot shower and feel the refreshment. Plug your phone or outlets to be charged and get ready for a Moroccan dinner.

Dinner Time Followed by Local Party around the fire place

Sit around your table and let the staff serve you a Moroccan dinner in the dining tent. Later on, gather around the campfire to listen to drum music and dance under billion of stars.

Sunrise Time & Breakfast

Sunrise in the orange sand dunes is spectacular!

Wake up very earlier to watch the best sunrise in the Saharan desert, and walk into the dunes facing the desert camp or the small mountain nearby the camp for panoramic views. Sit on the soft sand to enjoy these beautiful moments of silence.

Hot Refreshing Shower & Breakfast

Back to the luxury desert camp for a hot shower then enjoy breakfast inside the big tent (green tent) or outside on the terrace.

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Now, that you have enjoyed your time in the Sahara desert camp, it is always good to ask you a favor! Write about your Night in the Sahara Desert and let your Morocco desert experience make a change in people’s life.

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We would love to welcome you to our gorgeous desert camp in the breathtaking Sahara desert of Morocco.

Merzouga Sahara Desert Night FAQ

Temperatures in the Sahara desert can drastically decrease after sundown, dropping from an average high of 36 degrees Celsius during the day to an average low of minus 4 degrees Celsius at night.

Camping under the stars is the best way to experience a night in the Sahara Desert. Our camp might be an extremely luxurious glamping setup or just plain simple, basic Berber-style desert camp(the standard desert camp is coming soon onsite).

There are several Morocco desert tours that will allow you to spend a night in the Sahara desert, including the 1-2-3 days desert tours

  • 2 days trip from Fes to Merzouga desert
  • 3 days trip from Marrakech to Merzouga desert
  • 1 day trip from Ouarzazate to Merzouga desert
  • 2 days trip from Errachidia to Merzouga desert.

Note that we can provide you with a customized tour that can include more than one night in the Sahara desert camp.

Visit the Sahara desert from Marrakech on well-organized Morocco desert trips, which will save you time!
Short round trips from Marrakech start from 2 to 5 days which you can choose depending on your travel time in Morocco.
Bear in mind, that each Sahara desert tour from Marrakech can end in Fes city.
Now, how long do you intend to stay in the Sahara desert?

The Agafay Desert is not a traditional sand desert like the Sahara but rather a rocky and barren landscape located near Marrakech, Morocco. It offers a unique experience, especially at night when you can stargaze and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere.